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“L’eccellenza è il risultato dell’incontro di persone, competenze e sensibilità differenti. E’ dal loro incontro che nasce la magia”



Salon Director

Massimo has had an unmistakable vocation since he was a young boy. Fascinated by brushes and hairdryers, he couldn't resist combing and styling the hair of his sisters and friends who frequented his home.

He was born in Matera, but his curiosity and desire to innovate, immediately pushed him to cross borders. He moved to Milan, where he worked in the fashion industry, taking care of fashion shows, television events, and beauty contests on a national and international level. This allowed him to collaborate with the most prestigious professionals and develop an avant-garde approach to research in hairdressing and style techniques. This approach led him to join a research team for a prestigious hair products company to experiment new techniques and disseminate them worldwide.

In 2000, Massimo decided to transfer the experience he had gained to his home territory. He immediately became the point of reference for those searching for innovative proposals, always in step with the times but with a touch of elegance and class. But what sets him apart and makes him unique is his genuine, real approach and honest eye, which creates artworks without compromising the person's natural beauty.

His innate ability to enhance the natural beauty of women is a perfect match for Francesco's vision of holistic wellbeing and takes shape in the Ferraroni Signature project.


Holistic and makeup manager

“No words are so clear as the language of body expression once one has learned to read it”, these words spoken by Alexander Lowner are the mantra of Francesco. He no longer even needs to touch the body to capture its energies.

More than a passion, it is an absolute natural talent for Francesco. He has been able to recognise and nurture through work experience and training courses of various kinds.

At the age of 20 he left Altamura, his hometown. He spent eight years in Milan, where he soaked up training and approached the profession of makeup artist thanks to the collaboration with Paolo Guatelli. He worked for the most renowned Spas in Milan, coming into contact with the needs of his clients and becoming increasingly attentive to those little details that can bring pleasure and an extra smile. Those details that make the difference.

He felt the need to go even deeper and began to study oriental massage techniques and bio-energetics, becoming a Reiki Master. In the meantime, he also grew as a makeup artist and became a trainer for an Italian cosmetics company, which led him to travel in Italy and abroad.

The meeting with Massimo and the universe dedicated to the beauty and health of hair closes the circle of wellbeing to which he had always dedicated himself. Together, they pursue a holistic approach to the beauty of hair: a dream that comes to life in the first hair spa in Italy under the name Ferraroni Signature.